Ausonia is a story of tradition, commitment and passion.

It all began in 2005 when Simone follows his passion and with the support of the woman who would become his wife, Francesca, he studied Viticulture and Enology at the University of Florence. He achieved his second degree, with honors, and left his job as a pharmacist and began to cultivate his love for enology and the naturalistic beauty of Abruzzo.

We are in 2006 and the Farm Ausonia is still in its infancy. The vineyards need care, attention and respect and for this reason is made a drastic restructuring of the vineyards in order to obtain a quality wine.

View of the Ausonia vineyards during fall seasonWith the aim of favoring the native varieties of Abruzzo in the 2008 Ausonia add 2.5 hectares of Pecorino vineyard, white grape native of Abruzzo, which sits alongside the cultivation of indigenous varieties that already exist such as 4,5 hectares of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo vineyards , the excellence within red grape and 3 hectars of Trebbiano vineyards, another white grape variety.

Internal view of the cellarThe Farm Ausonia has now taken shape, as well as the cellar built with special attention to eco-sustainability. The cellar, consists of 2 basements for aging and storing wine. The structure has been fully insulated and equipped with a wooden roof that recovers rainwater in a tank of 200 cubic meters to be used during the summer.

Even the name Ausonia contains a little story. To give the idea for the name was Simone’s father, an entomologist for passion and real engineof this adventure. Walking in the company during the spring , he immediately noticed the flight of this beautiful butterfly. Ausonia is in fact the name of a butterfly quite rare in Italy, but very present among the gullies along the company and the Regional Natural Reserve of Atri Badlands, where he found his natural habitat. From this is derived the choice to call the wines with the names of the butterflies of the Abruzzo region.

cellar view